IRWIN Steel Circular Saw Blades

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IRWIN Steel Circular Saw Blades Features:

  • Precision ground teeth for smooth, accurate cuts
  • Fully hardened plate runs truer longer
  • Heavy gauge high carbon steel for extended life

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Shop OnlineItem #DiameterTeethArborKerfHook AngleGrindPackage Type
Shop Online 110407-1/4"265/8" Diamond.078"28°Top/FaceCarded
Shop Online 111407-1/4"405/8" Diamond.078"18°Top/FaceCarded
Shop Online 1117010"405/8".094"18°Top/FaceCarded
Shop Online 112206-1/2"605/8" Diamond.078"Top/FaceCarded
Shop Online 112407-1/4"605/8" Diamond.078"Top/FaceCarded
Shop Online 1127010"805/8".094"Top/FaceCarded
Shop Online 114407-1/4"1405/8" Diamond.059"Top/FaceCarded
Shop Online 1167010"805/8".082"Top/FaceCarded
Shop Online 118206-1/2"1405/8" Diamond.078"Top/FaceCarded
Shop Online 118407-1/4"1405/8" Diamond.078"Top/FaceCarded
Shop Online 1187010"1805/8".094"Top/FaceCarded
Shop Online 200407-1/4"325/8" Diamond.070"25°Top/FaceBulk
Shop Online 218407-1/4"1405/8" Diamond.078"Top/FaceBulk