Marathon® Portable Corded Circular Saw Blades

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Marathon® Portable Corded Circular Saw Blades Features:

  • New and improved design
  • Every other tooth is thinner for faster cuts
  • New heat vent/expansion slot design reduces vibration for longer life and straighter cuts
  • Construction grade carbide teeth for longer life
  • Reinforced shoulder for added durability
  • Fully hardened plate runs truer, longer

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Shop OnlineItem #DiameterTeethArborKerfHook AngleGrindPackage Type
Shop Online 140287-1/4"185/8" Diamond.071"20°ATBCarded
Shop Online 140307-1/4"245/8" Diamond.071"20°ATBCarded
Shop Online 140317-1/4"405/8" Diamond.071"20°ATBCarded
Shop Online 141307-1/4"245/8" Diamond.071"20°ATBCarded
Shop Online 240216-1/2"205/8" Diamond.071"20°ATBBulk
Shop Online 240287-1/4"185/8" Diamond.071"20°ATBBulk
Shop Online 240307-1/4"245/8" Diamond.071"20°ATBBulk
Shop Online 240317-1/4"405/8" Diamond.071"20°ATBBulk
Shop Online 241307-1/4"245/8" Diamond.071"20°ATBBulk