Customer Reviews

5 star Mechanic / Do-it-yourselfer

Thomas Rodrigue
This set is truly a life-saver. The brakes on my truck are at the grinding stage. I made it to work ... read review

5 star Corvette Owner

Jim Hilton
I'm taking the body off my 1969 Corvette currently. To do this you need to take out the 10ea. 5/8" h... read review

5 star Yay!

The starter on my truck had a rounded off bolt in a really tight spot. Tried everything....then boug... read review

5 star Must have tools!

Jonny Aykroyd
Bought these to remove an extremely tight and rounded-off sump plug on my car engine. With a combina... read review

1 star construction foreman

tim bedard
I had two bolts on a caliper bracket on a 96 ford ranger that had been previously rounded and by t... read review

5 star great tool!

Jimmy threetimes
front hub removal on jeep wrangler. prior owner was kind enough to round off a crazy 13mm bolt that... read review