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5 star Mechanic / Do-it-yourselfer

This set is truly a life-saver. The brakes on my truck are at the grinding stage. I made it to work and back on Friday and was ready to do the brake job. But I could not take the wheel off because I bought the truck used and the lock lug "key" was missing. And wouldn't you know, the dealership is closed on weekends. No auto parts store had the right key for my lug, then I remembered I had this bolt removal set I have been having for at least 15 years and had never used! I tapped the 5/8"/16mm tool on to the tip of the lock lug with a hammer and my standard lug wrench fit the tool perfectly. I was able to remove the nut and complete my brake job on both front wheels. I will not have to miss work on Monday and a day's pay, and possibly lose my job. Thanks Irwin! Thomas P. Rodrigue, Thibodaux, Louisiana.