Customer Reviews

1 star Irwin 5 pc Bolt Grip Set

Kenny K
The Irwin bolt grip is a can't do without tool set. I used all types of bolt and rust solvent to rem... read review

5 star problem solver

michael tami
I just returned home from a friends house where the auto transmission was being replaced. I was sur... read review

3 star not for my purpose

David Cooper
I bought this set to remove a 10mm bolt from a rear-brake cylinder on my car.

Unfortunat... read review

5 star Great

Derrick Mccauley
I had a 13mm bolt that was in a narrow recessed hole for the belt tensioner of my jeep
after tr... read review

5 star Awesome!

Scott Booth
After rounding off my oil drain plug (17mm) with a socket, then further ruining it with pliers, vise... read review

5 star Happy

Tim Arbeiter
Worked like a charm on two rounded 17mm caliper mounting bolts on my Land Cruiser. Those puppies we... read review

5 star welder

Al Winney
See my other review, forgot to rate these I give them 5 stars because they are the best bang for you... read review

1 star retired

Your 5 Piece Expansion set is great. I had a lug nut rounded off on my jeep and I was shocked when ... read review

5 star worth every penny.

Justin Bauer
I changed my oil but the drain plug head was rounded off. First try got it out. One of the best tool... read review