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4 star Professor and Guitar Maker

I use these saws at home and in my guitar making shop at a university. I'm not sure how I got by without these. Since they are pull saws with very fine blades, they take a little practice.

After about 15 minutes of messing around, my students have few problems with them. If you get ham-handed, it's possible to bend a blade. In one case, I just bent it back and we used a saw with a slight kink in it - probably not recommended, but it worked well enough.

I'm currently making a group of 28 stick ducimers for a local elementary school and the only hand saw I've had on my bench for the last two weeks is this dovetail saw.

The teeth have no set, so I can do flush cutting. Also, the blade is just the right width for fret slots. I recommend these to anyone making stringed instruments.