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4 star Smooth Easy Clean cuts Irwin should sell Blades

This is one of the best cutting saws I have ever used. I have lots of experience with hands tools since I grew up in a violin shop. I own several expensive Japanese style saws that cost 3 to five times what this retails for, and they do not cut as well or as fast. I also have expensive Western style saws from famous makers like Adria, Lie-Nielsen and Bad Axe. (yep... daddy has a saw problem!)

Although the teeth make neat crosscuts, this saw also works well for rip cuts and fine joinery such as tenons and dovetails.

The handle is better IMO than traditional straight handles of typical Japanese saws. This handle feels comfortable and provides a good feel with control.

The saw is lightweight and disassembles for traveling in a toolbox without damage.

I only have two complaints: Although the handle is removable, Irwin does not provide replacement blades. That's a crucial oversight on their part since these are induction-hardened teeth that cannot easily be resharpened. The handles last a long time, so I object to having to buy an entire new saw with a handle instead of just getting a new blade.

The other complaint is minor since it can easily be overcome. The blade has a "back" like a typical backsaw. That is supposed to give it more rigidity. It does OK for a Plastic Back, but It should be removable, and it is not. I just bought an extra saw and cut the back off to enable flush cutting, which is another thing this blade does very well.

If Irwin provided replacement blades and made the Back removable, I'd give this five stars for quality and value. It cuts dovetails cleaner and just as fast as my $150 American saws.