Customer Reviews

5 star Restaurant Operator

Rally D
Had to do a DIY repair on an expensive piece of equipment. The gauge of the wire was certainly the ... read review

1 star installer mobile electronics

dan lagasse
I been installing mobile electronics for 15 years I used all kinds of wire strippers these are the b... read review

5 star Do it Yourself

Thomas Schnell
I have used other wire strippers in the past but these are the best.
The handles are comfortabl... read review

5 star Great Stripper

Lee Wade
I've used alot of strippers before, and these are the best I've used so far. read review

5 star Awesome

Brett Jones
I use them every day (sometimes all day) in my work as a Propmaker for the entertainment industry. T... read review

4 star Photo Optics Technician/ Classic Car Restorer

Larry DuBois
Very versatile! Adjustes automatically for different sized wires and the different, (soft or hard),... read review