Black & Gold HSS Fractional Straight Shank Jobber Length Drill Bits

Item # 3019012B Shown

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Black & Gold HSS Fractional Straight Shank Jobber Length Drill Bits Features:

  • Laser-etched markings for easy identification
  • High Speed Steel features a black shank and gold flute
  • Heavy-duty web construction for strength and durability
  • 135° split point begins drilling immediately, minimizing bit "walk"
  • 3-Flatted shank on 3/16" and above for better chuck grip
  • Provides accurate drilling without a center punch

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Shop OnlineItem #SizeTwist LengthOverall LengthBulk
Shop Online 3019003B3/64"3/4"1-3/4"*
Shop Online 3019004B1/16"7/8"1-7/8"*
Shop Online 3019005B5/64"1"2"*
Shop Online 3019006B3/32"1-1/8"1-1/4"*
Shop Online 3019007B7/64"1-1/2"2-5/8"*
Shop Online 3019008B1/8"1-5/8"2-3/4"*
Shop Online 3019009B9/64"1-3/4"2-7/8"*
Shop Online 3019010B5/32"2"3-1/8"*
Shop Online 3019011B11/64"2-1/8"3-1/4"*
Shop Online 3019012B3/16"2-5/16"3-1/2"*
Shop Online 3019013B13/64"2-7/16"3-5/8"*
Shop Online 3019014B7/32"2-1/2"3-3/4"*
Shop Online 3019015B15/64"2-5/8"3-7/8"*
Shop Online 3019016B1/4"2-3/4"4"*
Shop Online 3019017B17/64"2-7/8"4-1/8"*
Shop Online 3019018B9/32"2-15/16"4-1/4"*
Shop Online 3019019B19/64"3-1/16"4-3/8"*
Shop Online 3019020B5/16"3-3/16"4-1/2"*
Shop Online 3019021B21/64"3-5/16"4-5/8"*
Shop Online 3019022B11/32"3-7/16"4-3/4"*
Shop Online 3019024B3/8"3-5/8"5"*
Shop Online 3019025B25/64"3-3/4"5-1/8"*
Shop Online 3019026B13/32"3-7/8"5-1/4"*
Shop Online 3019027B27/64"3-15/16"5-3/8"*
Shop Online 3019028B7/16"4-1/16"5-1/2"*
Shop Online 3019029B29/64"4-3/16"5-5/8"*
Shop Online 3019030B15/32"4-5/16"5-3/4"*
Shop Online 3019031B31/64"4-3/8"5-7/8"*
Shop Online 3019032B1/2"4-1/2"6"*