Extra-Long Spade Bits

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Extra-Long Spade Bits Features:

  • Blue-Groove point and cutting edge for faster chip removal - 4x faster than standard spade bits
  • Double cutting spurs scribe the outside of the hole reducing breakout
  • 10% larger shank for added durability
  • 3-Flatted style shank
  • Not for use with bit extensions

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Shop OnlineItem #DiameterShank LengthShank SizePack Qty
Shop Online 887063/8"16"1/4"1-pk
Shop Online 887081/2"16"1/4"1-pk
Shop Online 887105/8"16"1/4"1-pk
Shop Online 887123/4"16"1/4"1-pk
Shop Online 887147/8"16"1/4"1-pk
Shop Online 887161"16"1/4"1-pk
Shop Online 997063/8"16"1/4"25-pk
Shop Online 997081/2"16"1/4"25-pk
Shop Online 997123/4"16"1/4"25-pk
Shop Online 997147/8"16"1/4"25-pk
Shop Online 997161"16"1/4"25-pk