Pole Augers with WeldTec

IRWIN Pole Auger with WeldTec item # 1826631

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Pole Augers with WeldTec Features:

  • Welded high speed steel cutting edge is sharper and larger than standard pole augers, so it cuts faster and lasts longer in dense, treated, or soaked wood.
  • Feed screw is 50% larger and has a 10% faster pitch than standard pole augers, and is designed specifically for drilling deep holes in dense wood.
  • Flutes are nearly two times wider than standard pole augers for maximum chip removal in deep holes.
  • Clean cutting spur is located opposite the cutting edge. It scribes the hole before cutting for cleaner, faster drilling and more efficient transfer of chips to the flute, enhancing overall drilling speed.
  • 7/16" & 5/8" hex impact shanks available

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Shop OnlineItem #DiameterFlute LengthOverall LengthShank SizeItem MOQ
Shop Online 182630411/16"15"18"5/8"1
Shop Online 182630513/16"15"18"5/8"1
Shop Online 182662615/16"15"18"5/8"1
Shop Online 18266271-1/16"15"18"5/8"1
Shop Online 182662811/16"21"24"5/8"1
Shop Online 182662913/16"21"24"5/8"1
Shop Online 182663015/16"21"24"5/8"1
Shop Online 18266311-1/16"21"24"5/8"1
Shop Online 182663211/16"15"18"7/16"1
Shop Online 182663313/16"15"18"7/16"1
Shop Online 182663415/16"15"18"7/16"1
Shop Online 18266351-1/16"15"18"7/16"1
Shop Online 182663611/16"21"24"7/16"1
Shop Online 182663713/16"21"24"7/16"1
Shop Online 182663815/16"21"24"7/16"1
Shop Online 18266391-1/16"21"24"7/16"1
Shop Online 18266401/2"24"29"7/16"1
Shop Online 18266419/16"24"29"7/16"1
Shop Online 18266425/8"24"29"7/16"1
Shop Online 182664311/16"24"29"7/16"1
Shop Online 18266443/4"24"29"7/16"1
Shop Online 182664513/16"24"29"7/16"1
Shop Online 18266467/8"24"29"7/16"1
Shop Online 182664715/16"24"29"7/16"1
Shop Online 18266481"24"29"7/16"1
Shop Online 18266491-1/16"24"29"7/16"1