Ship Auger Bits

IRWIN Auger Bit Item # 47416 Shown

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Ship Auger Bits Features:

  • Durable hardened cutting edge for long life in tough materials, including nail-embedded wood.
  • Fully-forged bit for maximum durability.
  • Wide flutes for maximum chip removal and less binding.
  • Aggressive screw-pitch for faster drilling.

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Shop OnlineItem #DiameterFlute LengthOverall LengthShank SizeTubed MOQ
Shop Online 474063/8"12"17"3/8"1
Shop Online 474077/16"12"17"3/8"1
Shop Online 474081/2"12"17"7/16"1
Shop Online 474099/16"12"17"7/16"1
Shop Online 474105/8"12"17"7/16"1
Shop Online 4741111/16"12"17"7/16"1
Shop Online 474123/4"12"17"7/16"1
Shop Online 4741313/16"12"17"7/16"1
Shop Online 474147/8"12"17"7/16"1
Shop Online 4741515/16"12"17"7/16"1
Shop Online 474161"12"17"7/16"1
Shop Online 474171-1/16"12"17"7/16"1
Shop Online 474181-1/8"12"17"7/16"1
Shop Online 474201-1/4"12"17"7/16"1
Shop Online 474221-3/8"12"17"7/16"1
Shop Online 474241-1/2"12"17"7/16"1