Speedhammer Max Multi-Cutter

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Speedhammer Max Multi-Cutter Features:

  • Fits all SDS-max rotary hammers and Hilti TE F, G and Y rotary hammers
  • Patented flute geometry removes dust from the hole quicker for fast drilling and long life
  • Shot-peened, double-tempered finish reduces breakage
  • Copper braze material gives high heat resistance for reduced tip loss
  • All tips made to ANSI specifications
  • Chrome vanadium shaft through-hardened to 50-53HrC

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Shop OnlineItem #DiameterTwist LengthOverall Length
Shop Online 3230055/8"8"13"
Shop Online 3230065/8"16"21"
Shop Online 3230075/8"31"36"
Shop Online 32300811/16"16"21"
Shop Online 3230093/4"8"13"
Shop Online 3230103/4"16"21"
Shop Online 3230113/4"31"36"
Shop Online 32301213/16"16"21"
Shop Online 3230147/8"8"13"
Shop Online 3230157/8"16"21"
Shop Online 3230161"8"13"
Shop Online 3230171"16"21"
Shop Online 3230181"31"36"
Shop Online 3230201-1/8"10"15"
Shop Online 3230221-1/8"18"23"
Shop Online 3230231-1/4"10"15"
Shop Online 3230241-1/4"18"23"
Shop Online 3230251-1/4"31"36"
Shop Online 3230281-3/8"18"23"
Shop Online 3230311-1/2"18"23"
Shop Online 3230331-3/4"18"23"
Shop Online 3230342"18"23"