Turbomax 3/8" Reduced Shank High Speed Steel Drill Bits

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Turbomax 3/8" Reduced Shank High Speed Steel Drill Bits Features:

  • Revolutionary tip design stays sharper longer and drills up to 10x faster than other leading drill bits
  • Three-flatted shank design provides better chuck grip and reduces slippage. Ideal for use in keyless chucks
  • Bit is constructed of M-2 high speed steel for the best combination of strength, heat resistance, and wear resistance
  • 3/8" reduced shank fits all 3/8" drills

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Shop OnlineItem #SizeTwist LengthOverall LengthBulk
Shop Online 7342525/64"3-3/4"5-1/8"*
Shop Online 7342613/32"3-7/8"5-1/4"*
Shop Online 7342727/64"3-15/16"5-3/8"*
Shop Online 734287/16"4-1/16"5-1/2"*
Shop Online 7342929/64"4-3/16"5-5/8"*
Shop Online 7343015/32"4-5/16"5-3/4"*
Shop Online 7343131/64"4-3/8"5-7/8"*
Shop Online 734321/2"4-1/2"6"*
Shop Online 7362525/64"3-3/4"5-1/8"
Shop Online 7362613/32"3-7/8"5-1/4"
Shop Online 7362727/64"3-15/16"5-3/8"
Shop Online 736287/16"4-1/16"5-1/2"
Shop Online 7362929/64"4-3/16"5-5/8"
Shop Online 7363015/32"4-5/16"5-3/4"
Shop Online 7363131/64"4-3/8"5-7/8"
Shop Online 736321/2"4-1/2"6"