Fractional Nutsetters

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Fractional Nutsetters Features:

  • For use with sheet metal screws and other hexagonal head fastener
  • Standard six-point design

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Shop OnlineItem #SizeDescriptionOverall Length
Shop Online 942093/16"Nutsetter1-7/8"
Shop Online 942111/4"Nutsetter1-7/8"
Shop Online 942121/4"Magnetic Nutsetter1-7/8"
Shop Online 942151/4"Nutsetter - Tapered1-7/8"
Shop Online 942161/4"Magnetic Nutsetter - Tapered1-7/8"
Shop Online 942315/16"Nutsetter1-7/8"
Shop Online 942325/16"Magnetic Nutsetter1-7/8"
Shop Online 942513/8"Nutsetter1-7/8"
Shop Online 942523/8"Magnetic Nutsetter1-7/8"
Shop Online 942717/16"Nutsetter1-7/8"
Shop Online 942727/16"Magnetic Nutsetter1-7/8"
Shop Online 942911/2"Nutsetter1-7/8"
Shop Online 943111/4"Nutsetter2-9/16"
Shop Online 943121/4"Magnetic Nutsetter2-9/16"
Shop Online 943161/4"Magnetic Nutsetter2-9/16"
Shop Online 943315/16"Nutsetter2-9/16"
Shop Online 943325/16"Magnetic Nutsetter2-9/16"
Shop Online 943355/16"Nutsetter2-9/16"
Shop Online 943365/16"Magnetic Nutsetter2-9/16"
Shop Online 943513/8"Nutsetter2-9/16"
Shop Online 943523/8"Magnetic Nutsetter2-9/16"
Shop Online 943563/8"Magnetic Nutsetter2-9/16"
Shop Online 943717/16"Nutsetter2-9/16"
Shop Online 943727/16"Magnetic Nutsetter2-9/16"
Shop Online 944141/4"Magnetic Nutsetter4"
Shop Online 944161/4"Magnetic Nutsetter6"
Shop Online 944345/16"Magnetic Nutsetter4"
Shop Online 944365/16"Magnetic Nutsetter6"