Impact Double-Ended Bits - TORX®

Impact Double-Ended Bits #1892008

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Impact Double-Ended Bits - TORX® Features:

  • DoubleLok Technology™ ensures both ends of bit lock securely in impact drivers and quick-change chucks, enabling use of two tips from one bit for added convenience and extended life
  • Precision tip geometry delivers superior fitment, reducing stripping and cam-out
  • Power Groove designed for compatibility with IRWIN® Impact Performance Series™ Magnetic Screw-Hold Attachment
  • Manufactured with heavy-duty, cold-forged, high-grade steel to withstand high torque output

®TORX is a registered trademark of Acument Intellectual Properties, LLC

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Shop OnlineItem #First TipSecond TipOverall LengthBulk Item #
Shop Online 1892003T10T102-3/8"1892052
Shop Online 1892016T10T104"1892065
Shop Online 1892029T10T106"1892078
Shop Online 1892004T10T152-3/8"1892053
Shop Online 1892017T10T154"1892066
Shop Online 1892030T10T156"1892079
Shop Online 1892005T15T152-3/8"1892054
Shop Online 1892018T15T154"1892067
Shop Online 1892031T15T156"1892080
Shop Online 1892006T15T202-3/8"1892055
Shop Online 1892019T15T204"1892068
Shop Online 1892032T15T206"1892081
Shop Online 1892007T20T202-3/8"1892056
Shop Online 1892020T20T204"1892069
Shop Online 1892033T20T206"1892082
Shop Online 1892008T20T252-3/8"1892057
Shop Online 1892021T20T254"1892070
Shop Online 1892034T20T256"1892083
Shop Online 1892009T25T252-3/8"1892058
Shop Online 1892022T25T254"1892071
Shop Online 1892035T25T256"1892084
Shop Online 1892010T25T302-3/8"1892059
Shop Online 1892023T25T304"1892072
Shop Online 1892036T25T306"1892085
Shop Online 1892011T27T272-3/8"1892060
Shop Online 1892024T27T274"1892073
Shop Online 1892037T27T276"1892086
Shop Online 1892012T30T302-3/8"1892061
Shop Online 1892025T30T304"1892074
Shop Online 1892038T30T306"1892087
Shop Online 1892013T40T402-3/8"1892062
Shop Online 1892026T40T404"1892075
Shop Online 1892039T40T406"1892089