Impact Magnetic Nutsetters

Impact Nuttsetter #1837535

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Impact Magnetic Nutsetters Features:

  • Lobular design drives fastener on side instead of corner for less stripping and longer life
  • Rare earth magnets hold fasteners securely with four times the hold of standard magnets
  • 1/4" quick-change shank is designed to work with impact drivers, and reduces slipping in standard drill chucks

*One unit equals one bag of bits containing listed quantity of individual bits. For example, order one unit to receive one bag of 25 bits
**One unit equals one individual bit. For example, order 25 units to receive one bag of 25 bits

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Shop OnlineItem #SizeOverall LengthSocket Body DiameterShank DiameterRetail Bagged Item # (3-pc)Bulk Item #* (Purchase Per Pack)Bulk Item # (Purchase Per Bit) (10-pc)**
Shop Online 18375331/4"1-7/8"7/16"1/4"183753418385421837535
Shop Online 18375365/16"1-7/8"1/2"1/4"183753718385441837538
Shop Online 18375393/8"1-7/8"9/16"1/4"183754018385431837541
Shop Online 18375427/16"1-7/8"5/8"1/4"1837543-1837544
Shop Online 18999351/2"1-7/8"3/4"1/4"--1899940
Shop Online 18375451/4"2-9/16"7/16"1/4"183796418385471837546
Shop Online 18375475/16"2-9/16"1/2"1/4"183754818385491837549
Shop Online 18375503/8"2-9/16"9/16"1/4"183755118385481837552
Shop Online 18375537/16"2-9/16"5/8"1/4"183755418385501837555
Shop Online 18999361/2"2-9/16"3/4"1/4"--1899941
Shop Online 18375561/4"4"7/16"1/4"-18385511837557
Shop Online 18375585/16"4"1/2"1/4"-18385531837559
Shop Online 18375603/8"4"9/16"1/4"-18385521837561
Shop Online 18999371/2"4"3/4"1/4"--1899942
Shop Online 18375621/4"6"7/16"1/4"-18385541837563
Shop Online 18375645/16"6"1/2"1/4"-18385561837565
Shop Online 18375663/8"6"9/16"1/4"-18385551837567
Shop Online 18999381/2"6"3/4"1/4"--1899943
Shop Online 18375681/4"12"7/16"1/4"---
Shop Online 18375695/16"12"1/2"1/4"-1838545-
Shop Online 18375703/8"12"9/16"1/4"---
Shop Online 18999391/2"12"3/4"1/4"--1899944