Portable Band Saw Blades

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Portable Band Saw Blades Features:

  • Shatter resistant, bi-metal construction for extended life
  • 8% Cobalt content for added durability
  • Electron beam weld construction provides flexibility

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Shop OnlineItem #Blade LengthTPIHeightBlade ThicknessPack Qty
Shop Online 3074000P2544-7/8"10/141/2".020"25-pk
Shop Online 3074000P344-7/8"10/141/2".020"3-pk
Shop Online 3074001P2544-7/8"141/2".020"25-pk
Shop Online 3074001P344-7/8"141/2".020"3-pk
Shop Online 3074002P2544-7/8"181/2".020"25-pk
Shop Online 3074002P344-7/8"181/2".020"3-pk
Shop Online 3074003P2544-7/8"241/2".020"25-pk
Shop Online 3074003P344-7/8"241/2".020"3-pk
Shop Online 3074004P2544-7/8"14/181/2".020"25-pk
Shop Online 3074004P344-7/8"14/181/2".020"3-pk