Lumber Crayons

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Lumber Crayons Features:

  • For use on oily, slick, wet, cold, or dry surfaces
  • Ideal for lumber, concrete, ceramics, and metal
  • Non-toxic, waterproof

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Shop OnlineItem #LengthColorQuantity
Shop Online 664014-1/2"Red12-pc bulk
Shop Online 664024-1/2"Blue12-pc bulk
Shop Online 664034-1/2"Green12-pc bulk
Shop Online 664044-1/2"Black12-pc bulk
Shop Online 664054-1/2"White12-pc bulk
Shop Online 664064-1/2"Yellow12-pc bulk
Shop Online 665014-1/2"Red6-pc carded
Shop Online 665044-1/2"Black6-pc carded
Shop Online BM665064-1/2"Yellow6-pc carded
Shop Online 6660124-1/2"Red2-pc carded
Shop Online 6660424-1/2"Black2-pc carded
Shop Online 6660624-1/2"Yellow2-pc carded