Cast Aluminum Pipe Wrenches

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Cast Aluminum Pipe Wrenches Features:

  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum housing is 40% lighter than cast iron and easier to maneuver
  • I-Beam handle and wide design provides better weight distribution
  • Drop-forged jaw is heat-treated to resist distortion or breakage
  • Easy-spin adjusting nut is heat-treated for durability
  • Hammer head design provides a flat surface for hammering
  • Features a Lifetime Guarantee

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Shop OnlineItem #SizePipe Capacity
Shop Online 207411010"1-1/2"
Shop Online 207411212"2"
Shop Online 207411414"2"
Shop Online 207411818"2-1/2"
Shop Online 207412424"3"
Shop Online 207413636"5"
Shop Online 207414848"6"