Hex Head Multi-Spline Screw Extractors - 522/532 Series

Item # 53225 shown

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Hex Head Multi-Spline Screw Extractors - 522/532 Series Features:

  • Designed to remove broken studs, bolts, socket screws and fittings for high torque applications
  • Aggressive left hand spiral design for extra gripping power

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Shop OnlineItem #DescriptionHex Head SizeBolt DiameterRecommended Drill Bit DiameterPackage Type
Shop Online 522011/8"1/2"#121/8"Carded
Shop Online 522025/32"1/2"1/4"5/32"Carded
Shop Online 522033/16"1/2"5/16"3/16"Carded
Shop Online 522047/32"1/2"3/8"7/32"Carded
Shop Online 522051/4"1/2"7/16"1/4"Carded
Shop Online 522069/32"1/2"1/2"9/32"Carded
Shop Online 522075/16"1/2"9/16"5/16"Carded
Shop Online 5220811/32"1/2"5/8"11/32"Carded
Shop Online 532011/8"1/2"#121/8"Bulk
Shop Online 532025/32"1/2"1/4"5/32"Bulk
Shop Online 532033/16"1/2"5/16"3/16"Bulk
Shop Online 532047/32"1/2"3/8"7/32"Bulk
Shop Online 532051/4"1/2"7/16"1/4"Bulk
Shop Online 532069/32"1/2"1/2"9/32"Bulk
Shop Online 532075/16"1/2"9/16"5/16"Bulk
Shop Online 5320811/32"1/2"5/8"11/32"Bulk
Shop Online 532093/8"1/2"11/16"3/8"Bulk
Shop Online 5321013/32"1/2"3/4"13/32"Bulk
Shop Online 532117/16"5/8"13/16"7/16"Bulk
Shop Online 5321215/32"5/8"7/8"15/32"Bulk
Shop Online 532131/2"5/8"15/16"1/2"Bulk
Shop Online 5321417/32"3/4"1"17/32"Bulk
Shop Online 532159/16"3/4"1-1/16"9/16"Bulk
Shop Online 5321619/32"3/4"1-1/8"19/32"Bulk
Shop Online 532175/8"3/4"1-3/16"5/8"Bulk
Shop Online 5321821/32"7/8"1-1/4"21/32"Bulk
Shop Online 5321911/16"7/8"1-5/16"11/16"Bulk
Shop Online 5322023/32"7/8"1-3/8"23/32"Bulk
Shop Online 532213/4"7/8"1-7/16"3/4"Bulk
Shop Online 5322225/32"1"5/32"1-1/2"Bulk
Shop Online 5322313/16"1"1-9/16"13/16"Bulk
Shop Online 5322427/32"1"1-5/8"27/32"Bulk
Shop Online 532257/8"1"1-11/16"7/8"Bulk