Ground Thread Left-hand Fractional Plug Taps (HSS)

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Ground Thread Left-hand Fractional Plug Taps (HSS) Features:

  • Left-hand taps cut threads with a left-hand rotation
  • Used in applications where left-hand studs or fasteners are required
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Shop OnlineItem #DescriptionNo. of FlutesPitch Diameter Limits
Shop Online BM21201/4" - 20 NC4H3
Shop Online BM21231/4" - 28 NF4H3
Shop Online BM21275/16" - 18 NC4H3
Shop Online BM21295/16" - 24 NF4H3
Shop Online BM21343/8" - 16 NC4H3
Shop Online BM21363/8" - 24 NF4H3
Shop Online BM21397/16" - 14 NC4H3
Shop Online BM21407/16" - 20 NF4H3
Shop Online BM21441/2" - 13 NC4H3
Shop Online BM21451/2" - 20 NF4H3
Shop Online BM21489/16" - 12 NC4H3
Shop Online BM21499/16" - 18 NF4H3
Shop Online BM21525/8" - 11 NC4H3
Shop Online BM21545/8" - 18 NF4H3
Shop Online BM21583/4" - 10 NC4H3
Shop Online BM21603/4" - 16 NF4H3