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Tools by Trade: Do-It-Yourself

IRWIN Tools manufactures and distributes a broad assortment of tools for the DIYer who prides himself on using the quality tools that professional tradesman demand – durable, innovative tools that get the job done the way it was meant to be done. From the legendary IRWIN VISE-GRIP family of locking tools, pliers, and wrenches; to circular saw blades, utility knives, drill bits, and fastener drive accessories, IRWIN has a tool for every need.

Do-It-Yourself FAQ

How do I get this tool to stick to the wall?

Press the “press to stick” button and place the red side of the label to th... read more

The stud finder part of this tool is working but the laser part is not. What should I do?

Replace with new batteries. If the batteries are weak, the stud finder will... read more

I can’t get both bubbles to line up at the same time, can you help me?

One vial is for horizontal leveling and the other is for vertical leveling.... read more