IRWIN Tools - page 34

In 1933, a young man by the name of Hans Schroder set up as a wholesaler in Copenhagen, Denmark. During the first
few years he kept his focus on selling general hand tools, but in 1938 he started to also manufacture saws. Amongst his
friends and business associates Hans Schroder was known simply as Jack, and before long, the "Jack" name had become
synonymous with the production of high quality saws.
has been at the forefront of many advancements with the development of the market leading Jack
now with upgraded ProTouch™ handle to compliment the recently upgraded universal triple ground tooth technology.
At the heart of quality craftsmanship lies the rich heritage of Marples
woodworking tools. Originating in 1828 in Sheffield,
England, the Marples
brand has consistently stood for superior performance and ultimate precision in fine woodworking.
Founder William Marples came from a long lineage of master craftsmen in the joinery and edge tool trades,
and after serving as an apprentice to his father he established William Marples and Sons Limited. Using only
the finest materials Marples
had his name stamped into every product as a sign of his confidence in the quality
and craftsmanship of each tool.
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