IRWIN Tools - page 46

In 1986 Joe Sorensen, an air boat builder in Nebraska, USA was looking for a better way to hold down his steel panels as the
clamps he was using twisted the thin steel as he worked.
With a good idea for a new style of clamping, the concept for a pistol grip one-handed bar clamp was born.
This revolutionary tool was quickly patented and brought to market in 1989 with a full line of clamps under the QUICK-
brand name. The line was later extended from the Original clamp to the Micro, Mini, Handi, Quick-Change, and more
recently the XP clamp.
Since the launch, IRWIN
has become the world leader in one-handed bar clamps and is the industry standard
which has changed the way tradespeople do their jobs, greatly improving their ability and efficiency on the job.
Originally established in 1898 in the South Yorkshire city of Sheffield in the UK. The Record Tools Factory was swiftly able
to make a long lasting contribution to the worldwide reputation of the region for the manufacture of high quality steel and
The Record
brand name was introduced in 1909 and by the 1920’s the product range had expanded into Vices, Planes,
Clamps and Pipe Wrenches enabling the business to grow rapidly in the UK and many overseas markets.
Today, IRWIN
continues excelling by sticking to the traditional values set by its founders, producing tools that are
highly valued amongst professional users for quality and durability that remains strong today.
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