H. Photography
In-Use Product Photography
Action photography should showcase that our tools
work as hard as the people who use them. Treat the
tradesman as a hero using realistic backgrounds
that set the tone of professionalism and quality
workmanship. Tools, clothing and accessories such as
bags, belts, and safety equipment should appear used
and "broken-in", and reflect the everyday appearances
of the tradesman at work. The art director should
incorporate the brand colors, such as blue shirts, khaki
or beige pants, natural woods, color of equipment, etc.
However, IRWIN-branded clothing should be avoided.
Tool boxes and belts should contain several IRWIN
products, but not exclusively. When other products are
included, all logos and identifying graphics must be
retouched out of the photo, and colored handles should
be converted to grayscale to appear generic. In addition,
logos, graphics and warnings must be removed in post-
production from all clothing, equipment, etc.
Environment Photography
Environment photography should portray the
contributions professional tradesman make to society.
The setting should illustrate hard work with dynamic
backgrounds. Shoot from a slightly lower angle to
capture the tradesman somewhat larger than life,
without becoming over-powering or intimidating. When
possible, use actual tradesmen as models, chosen to
reflect the ethnographics and demographics of your
specific region, and mimic the way they typically move
through the day (taking safety measures into account).
Capture the expression on his face, without having him
look directly at the camera.
3. Universal Graphic Standards
Product In-Use Image
Environment Photography
Example of Brand Color Incorporation
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