Static Product Photography
Static photography should produce high-quality images
that are crisp and look like the actual product. Lighting
on images should illustrate product details. Reflections
and bright white "hot spots" are not acceptable.
When developing brochures or catalog pages where the
product will anchor a walk-around, a straight shot of
the product is ideal. This will allow all of the features
to be clearly seen. On applications such as carton
labels or merchandisers, more dynamic, angled shots
of the products may be used to help call attention to
the product. Selection of photographic angles is at the
designer's discretion. However, care should be taken to
ensure that presentation of the products is consistent
within product lines.
Photography Effects
Drop shadow and glow effects should be used on
product photography when using dynamic angle and
product walkaround images. The following guidelines
should be referenced so all product photography
attributes will be the same in all communications.
• For standard side angle photos, no effects are used
• For dynamic angle images are used, use the standard
drop shadow effect
• For product images that invade both the yellow and
blue background, use the standard glow effect
Drop Shadow Settings (Illustrator)
Mode: Multiply, Opacity: 75%, X and Y Offset: .04",
Blur: .11", Color: Black
Glow Settings (Illustrator). Outer Glow options, Mode:
Screen, Opacity: 100%, Blur: .07".
3. Universal Graphic Standards
Standard Side Angle Photos
Dynamic Angle Photos
1...,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,...30