7. Collateral
Graphic Elements
B. Graphic Elements
Topic Headers
Topic headers consist of the standard blue gradient with
a step down on the top and bottom as shown. An IRWIN
yellow rule runs along both the top and bottom,
inset 1/16" from the edge. They may be used on the
right or left side of the page, but must bleed off the
edge. Text must be left justified and should be set to
fit between the top and bottom step-downs whenever
possible. Apply these settings to the drop shadow below
the blue bar: Multiply, Opacity 75%, 135°, X-0.03"
Y-0.03", Distance–0.05".
Column Headings
Column headings should be inside a blue box.
If a
column descriptor needs to be two lines, all descriptors
should be bottom-aligned.
Grid Title
The grid title should always be an IRWIN blue block
with yellow text.
Product List
The entire grid should be in a white box (with the
exception of column headings). SKU lists should be on
an alternating pattern of gray (20% Black) and white
block backgrounds. The first line block of the grid
should be white. Blocks should be evenly spaced.
IRWIN will be embarking on a very exciting public relations
effort to drive awareness and excitement for not only VISE-GRIP
products, but all new IRWIN products. Long standing relationships
with key consumer and industry publications such as
Mechanics, Men’s
Journal, This Old
House, Tools of the
and many
others, will net
significant media
attention and editorial
coverage, effectively
driving traffic and sales.
Public relations
ultimate Tradesman challenge
IRWIN is very excited to
sponsor the IRWIN Tools
Night Race at Bristol
Motor Speedway. The race
takes place on August 21,
2010, and will be a key venue for
building awareness of the IRWIN brand with
NASCAR fans, along with building relationships with professional
Race coverage
on live TV
· Radio, promotions,
print media,
internet media
IRWIN Tools is searching for the Ultimate Tradesman.
The tradesman who can
Grip It, Rip It, and Drive It
faster than any other tradesman out there, will be
the next IRWIN Tools Ultimate Tradesman. The 2010
IRWIN Tools Ultimate Tradesman Challenge kicks off
on Speed Channel’s Trackside Live on Friday, March
19 at Bristol Motor Speedway and concludes with
the North American finals August 19-21, again at
Bristol Motor Speedway.
· Over
50 events
North America
· 24 North American
· Winner advances
to the world finals in
March, 2011.
· Top prize
chance to win
night race at
bristol motor speedway
To support the IRWIN VISE-GRIP GrooveLock launch, the IRWIN Demand
Team has multiple “feet on the street” who will target key distributor
partners and high volume end users in the MRO trade.
· Highly-focused sales calls
· Distributor ride-a-longs
· Product demonstrations
· Product trade-outs
· Key distributor events.
Blade Length
Blade Thickness
Tooth Count
Item #
Universal Handsaw
15" (381 mm)
.85 mm
11 pt.
20" (508 mm)
.85 mm
11 pt.
ProTouch Coarse Cut Saw
15" (381 mm)
1 mm
9 pt.
20" (508 mm)
1 mm
9 pt.
24" (609 mm)
1 mm
9 pt.
ProTouch Fine Cut Saw
15" (381 mm)
1 mm
12 pt.
24" (609 mm)
1 mm
12 pt.
Standard Coarse Cut Saw
15" (381 mm)
1 mm
9 pt.
20" (508 mm)
1 mm
9 pt.
Viper Irwin
Bold Condensed
title case,
left justified
title case,
left justified
Topic Headers
Product Specification Grid Ex mple
All grid text is set in Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk.
Graphic Elements
1...,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,...30