Nails are nomatch for the new
Ship Auger Bit. It has a hard,welded cutting edge that
drills through nail-embeddedwoodwith ease.With twice the nail cutting life than any other ship auger bit around, these bits last
and last and last – even in the toughest ofmaterials.When you need tools that help you do the job theway itwasmeant to be done,
Tools deliver.
Ship Auger Bit: Powers Through Nails
*Compared to standard IRWIN ship augers
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A. Print Advertising
IRWIN print advertising will use a consistent template
for all IRWIN branded communications. Print advertising
consistency will maximize impressions and aid in brand
The blue header should be 0.5 tall at the bottom of the
step-down. The position of the step-down may move left
or right to achieve spatial balance with the photo below
it. It should not cut off vital parts of the image. Use
the standard header and footer graphics for the blue
bar with yellow rule to ensure consistent application of
the gradient. The header and footer both utilize a drop
shadow set at 80% Black with a gaussian blur applied
at 3.0%. The shadow should be spaced evenly from the
blue bar at all points.
The photograph chosen should elevate the role of the
tradesman and incorporate the in-use photography
standards. For composition, please be cognizant of
angles and perspective lines, placing the image within
the frame in a way that compliments the angles of the
step-downs whenever possible. The headline should
be incorporated into the primary image. Utilize drop
shadows tinted to match the coloration of the photo
below the text and, when necessary, place a gradient
overlay in the image itself to help the typography stand
out clearly.
A static image of the featured tool is incorporated into
the image just above the step-down of the bottom
header. The product may be rotated to achieve the ideal
fit within the layout. Drop shadows, tinted to match the
coloration of the image below and set to Multiply, should
be used to bring attention and focus to the product. The
size should not exceed 30% of the total height of the
live area.
The bottom section of the ad template is the “blue
brand bar.” Copy for the ad shall be placed in this
section, along with the placement of the IRWIN brand
and/or sub-brand. The URL should be placed beneath
the copy and justified to the right, set in Akzidenz
Condensed Bold, IRWIN yellow. Placement of the
bottom step-down should remain consistent, and can be
adjusted slightly to accommodate for the static product
image above it.
8. IRWIN Brand Building and Activation
Print Advertising
Print Ad Template
Body Copy
Image &
Primary Brand
Sub Brand
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