The total height of the footer may be adjusted to
accommodate the length of the body copy. Please
maintain 1/4" of negative space between the copy
and yellow rule, and allow dead space at the gutter
and bottom crop according to individual publisher’s
The copy should be placed in a text box with the right
side angled to allow an even rag along the step down. It
should be Akzidenz Grotesk Regular, set in white, at no
larger than 11 pt.
The copyright should be set in white Akzidenz Grotesk
Roman, at a 90º angle reading up. For ads utilizing a
static product photo, it should always be placed on the
right side of the image, at the edge of the live area.
Product-Specific Advertising
For product-specific advertising, the primary product
claim should be incorporated into the body copy
National Tradesman Day Advertising
National Tradesmen Day advertising is consistent with
the ad template for product advertising, but should
always feature an image of tradesmen as heroes, with a
powerful headline that celebrates everything tradesmen
contribute to our society. "Here’s to America’s REAL
Working Hands” is the primary headline. In instances
where the ad will be seen outside of the United States,
headline should read: "Here’s to Our Country’s REAL
Working Hands.” A variety of images are available
for use, but generally a group shot is preferred. The
National Tradesmen Day logo should always be visible.
The generic subhead is: “Celebrate National Tradesmen
Day | September 20, 2013,” however, other subheads
are appropriate if there is a particular call-to-action
(for instance, an invitation to an event). In that case,
“Celebrate National Tradesmen Day | September 20,
2013” should serve as a “closer” at the end of the
running copy. The actual date of NTD should be clearly
visible. Approved running copy can be found in the
NTD communications platform. Preferred website
address in bottom, right-hand corner is
8. IRWIN Brand Building and Activation
Print Advertising
Product-specific and sub-brand logo
National Tradesmen Day Advertising
Drop shadows behind
text use natural tints
found in the photo
underneath, and a
gradient overlay has
been added to the
image to help the
text stand out.
Example of ways to
incorporate angles and
layout of photo within
the header and footer
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