B. Public Relations
Public relations is an important component of our marketing mix to help build the IRWIN brand and
support our business objectives. Through public relations, IRWIN strives to inform and educate consumers
and key stakeholders, while building lasting positive relationships that create trust and a climate of
consumer acceptance for our brand and our products.
Unlike advertising, which is messaging paid for by a company, effective PR generates positive media
coverage from a third-party source (the media outlet, i.e., newspaper, magazine, TV station, etc.) which
supports the credibility of the company, and the message it is trying to communicate.
Public relations is really all about influencing consumer perceptions about a brand, product or service. As
part of an integrated campaign, PR can reinforce advertising messages and support promotional efforts to
drive awareness and purchasing.
IRWIN uses Public Relations to Support:
Brand building efforts
Product launches
Line extensions
Consumer events and promotions
Trade events
Company Communications
Please work directly with your Marketing Communications Manager on the development of PR plans,
press releases or media relations strategies to support your product or marketing initiatives.
Media Inquiries:
Should you ever be contacted by a member of the media, please direct all media inquiries to your
Marketing Communications Manager. Deadlines for media requests are typically short, so pass along any
inquiries immediately.
IRWIN Spokespeople:
The Marketing Communications Director or Marketing Communications Manager for your Division will
organize interviews or provide responses for media inquiries. Only GBT Leaders / VP of Marketing or above
will be quoted or positioned as a spokesperson for the brand.
8. IRWIN Brand Building and Activation
Public Relations
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