Key Areas of IRWIN.com
IRWIN.com is a robust website geared toward
professional end-users. It is a virtual toolbox where
end-users can find necessary product detail information
including warranties, owner’s manuals and literature,
specifications and “Where to Buy” information.
Customers and consumers alike can learn about new
product releases, industry news and happenings, the
IRWIN Tools Night Race, trade shows and much more.
The various templates of IRWIN.com include:
Tool Information:
An online catalog with feature call-
outs, photos, interactive demos, product specifications,
comprehensive SKU listings and where-to-buy links.
New Tools:
Just as products hit the shelves, this area
showcases the latest and greatest from IRWIN Tools.
Support & Services:
From this area, a user can
request replacement parts or download literature, MSDS
sheets, safety warnings and product manuals.
Tool Tips:
An online toolbox with handy workshop tips,
how-to articles, answers to commonly-asked questions
and a glossary of tool terminology.
8. IRWIN Brand Building and Activation Online
IRWIN.com – New Products Detail Page
IRWIN.com – New Products Page
IRWIN.com – Trade Landing Page
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