Promotions & Events:
An ever-changing area that features both online and
offline promotions, including sweepstakes, in-store
rebates, special on-pack offers, and more.
Dealer and Distributor Items:
In addition to end-users utilizing IRWIN.com, numerous
dealers and distributors visit our website. This area
contains content and links specific to our customers.
Product/Brand-Specific Microsites:
There are times when standard product information
is not sufficient to communicate the benefits of new
product lines. IRWIN utilizes microsites/landing pages
to break away from the strict structure of IRWIN.com.
This allows custom pages to be developed that most
effectively communicate features and benefits. They
also can be used for large national promotions and
events that require in-depth content.
8. IRWIN Brand Building and Activation Online
IRWIN.com – Dealers and Distributors Portal
IRWIN.com –
Dealers and Distributors Portal
IRWIN.com – Promotions and Events
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