E. Brand Activation
National Tradesmen Day Logo
• The National Tradesmen Day logo shows an uplifted
hand—an image of strength and confidence—
clenching a pair of VISE-GRIP locking pliers, a
universal symbol of hard work and productivity. This
image conveys power, and is a ‘quick-read’ for the
role of tradesmen in our lives.
• The logos on this page are the preferred logos. The
primary logo is bilingual (English/Spanish), and
is acceptable on a blue or white background. An
English-only version is available, but should only be
used in appropriate instances. Bilingual versions also
exist with English/French, as well as with Spanish/
English, with Spanish as the primary language. No
other versions of this logo area acceptable.
• IRWIN Blue, IRWIN Yellow, and White.
IRWIN Tools Night Race Logo
• The logo on this page is the only approved IRWIN
Tools Night Race logo. No other versions of this logo
are acceptable.
• IRWIN Blue and IRWIN Yellow.
Logo Sizing
• There is no maximum size limitation set for this logo.
• The minimum size for the logos is .5" (12.7
mm) in height. Use of a smaller-sized logo is
not recommended due to poor legibility and the
impairment of the integrity of the logo once in print.
Improper Usage
• The logo should not be altered in any way in regard to
proportions, color, typography, etc.
• This includes any effects applied such as drop-
shadows, glows, beveling, textures, etc. within the
design. The application of the logo as an artistic
background is acceptable, as long as it does not
affect the overall IRWIN brand or its integrity.
• The logo should always include the registered
trademark symbol in the approved position and color.
It is only acceptable to remove the ® mark when
there are extreme space constraints.
8. IRWIN Brand Building and Activation
Brand Activation
IRWIN Tools Night Race logo
National Tradesman Day logo on blue background -
Bilingual (preferred)
National Tradesman Day logo on white background -
Bilingual (preferred)
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