Premiums and Apparel Items
Premiums and apparel items are a great way to
get our brand name into the market. Marketing
Communications, using the logo standards and PMS
guidelines for IRWIN Blue and IRWIN Yellow, has
approved select premiums that are acceptable for
communicating and representing the brand. To ensure
the proper use and integrity of the IRWIN brand, all
premium items will be purchased or requested via
, accessible via
the IRWIN intranet site. If a particular premium is not
available, it may be requested via the intranet site,
where it will be designed and approved by Marketing
Communications. All premiums developed or ordered
outside of the approved site must be approved by the
Director of Marketing Communications
ordering. All questions or issues related to premiums
should be directed to the Marketing Communications
Department. The IRWIN Tools logo will be the preferred
logo for all premiums and apparel. The IRWIN Tools
Night Race logo should be limited to premiums and
apparel that would be worn or given away during at-
track race events.
Approved Thread Colors:
Yellow - Goldenrod #775
Blue - Pacific Blue #477
Ordering Website and URL
http: //newellco.corpmerchandise.com
8. IRWIN Brand Building and Activation
Brand Activation
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