Use the company logo for the following:
• Business-to-business communications
• Divisional communications
• Meeting or trade show signage
• Premiums and apparel
• Price lists
• Vehicles
• Packaging closure (back)
• When products are not nearby, to identify the
IRWIN brand
This is a general list of company communications;
it is not all-inclusive. Please work with the Marketing
Communications Department to ensure logo usage is
applied according to these standards.
DO NOT use the company logo for a product
category that does not have a sub-brand (i.e.
Utility Knives & Blades).
Advertising Campaign Logo
IRWIN Tools, Reach For Greatness
logo is to be
used specifically for campaign communications. This must
be used with approval of the Marcomm Director on a case-
by-case basis. It must always be translated for applications
other than English.
Maximum Logo Size
There is no maximum size limitation set for the IRWIN
Tools logo, IRWIN primary logo or IRWIN and its respective
sub-brand logos.
Minimum Logo Size
The minimum size for the IRWIN Tools logo, IRWIN
primary logo or IRWIN and its respective sub-brand
logos is .25" (6.35 mm)
in height. Use of smaller sized
logos is not recommended due to poor legibility and
the impairment of the integrity of the logos. However,
the use of a graphic designer’s best judgment is highly
3. Universal Graphic Standards
The word "tools" in the IRWIN
company logo may be translated into other
languages to clearly communicate to the
regional target audience. Submit translation
requests to the Marketing Communications
Department for design execution.
Although not preferred, a white logo
can be used on a black background.
Advertising Campaign Logo Usage
4 Color Process Build
1 Color - IRWIN Blue
1 Color - 100% K (Black)
Acceptable Company Logo Usage
1,2 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,...30