Logo Sizing and Spacing Guidelines
The consistent use of “non-intrude” space around the
logos is required to create a strong presence. Sufficient
“non-intrude” spacing creates a visual frame, freeing
the logo from competing with other graphic elements
and typography.
The minimum required “non-intrude” space is equal to
one “I” width around all sides of the IRWIN logos.
The use of 1-½
of an “I” space is required after the
“N” in IRWIN. This allows for a visually balanced non-
intrude space, that includes the ®.
All logo enlargements or reductions must be scaled
Violating the non-intrude space is strictly
3. Universal Graphic Standards
= one IRWIN “I” width
= 1/2 of one IRWIN “I” width
Improper Logo Usage
The IRWIN Tools company logo and all brand logos
should not be altered in any way, in regard to
proportions, color, typography, etc.
This includes any effects applied to the brand such as
drop-shadows, glows, beveling, textures, etc., within the
The brand logo should always include the registered
trademark symbol in the approved position and color. It
is only acceptable to remove the ® mark when there
are extreme space constraints.
For any promotional material produced by
customers and/or by distributors that contain logos
or sub-brand logos, be sure to submit them to your
MarComm team for usage approval before publishing.
Do Not
skew IRWIN Tools brands.
Do Not
elongateorstretchany IRWINbrand.
Do Not
deviate from approved brand colors.
Do Not
apply any effects to the brand, such as drop-shadows,
glows, beveling, textures, etc.
Do Not
use brand color combinations other than those
specified in this guide.
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