B. Sub-brand Logos
The company is positioning IRWIN as the primary brand
for its user-preferred "super seven" product brands:
, Unibit
Each independent product sub-brand will retain its
category-leading name, while sharing the common
IRWIN identity and endorsement. The brand portfolio
also includes products marketed exclusively under the
IRWIN name. 
Therefore, in most cases the IRWIN logo will be
combined with one of the proprietary product brand
names in order to maximize brand relevance with our
target audience.
Sub-brand logos follow the same set of positioning and
IRWIN “I” space guidelines as the IRWIN company and
primary brand logos. In logotypes utilizing lowercase
letters, the "I" width should be measured from the
baseline, not from the descender.
Sub-brand Color Usage
Preferred Sub-brand Logo Usage
2 Colors
- IRWIN Blue , IRWIN Yellow
Acceptable Sub-brand Logo Usage
1 Color
- IRWIN Blue, 100% Black or white on a black
= Regional Sub-brands
3. Universal Graphic Standards
Sub-brand Logos
Global Sub-brands
Alternate sub-brand logo when logo spans both blue and
yellow fields
2 Colors – IRWIN Blue and IRWIN Yellow
1,2,3,4 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,...30