IRWIN® MARATHON® Announces Revolutionary Saw Blade to Cut Through Vinyl Siding

IRWIN® MARATHON® Vinyl Siding BladeHuntersville, NC (January 21, 2008) - IRWIN® MARATHON, the market leader in framing saw blades, has developed the first circular saw blade specially designed to cut through vinyl siding.    Siding installers finally have a solution to cutting vinyl siding and other vinyl and PVC building materials with speed, accuracy and ease.

The first blade of its kind in the market, the IRWIN MARATHON vinyl siding blade features an optimized, symmetric 60° tooth design that eliminates chipping and cracking for a fast, smooth finish when pushing or pulling through the cut. The 7-1/4" 120T vinyl siding saw blade is fully heat treated providing longer life and straighter cuts.

IRWIN has proven to be the saw blade innovators since the launch of its thin kerf carbide tooth blade in 1989 to the MARATHON with WeldTec framing saw blade in 2007. The latest innovation from IRWIN MARATHON further embodies breakthrough product innovation by being the first saw blade designed optimized to cut vinyl siding.

In addition to vinyl siding, this MARATHON saw blade cuts through all thin walled plastic building materials such as fencing, down spouts, gutters, lattice, and pvc piping.

"Vinyl siding is such a unique and widely used building material that it was critical to design a blade that would allow the tradesman to cut through it without worry of cracking or splitting the vinyl," said vice president, marketing, Sue Smith. "Our users told us that the current method of cutting vinyl siding, which is to turn a carbide tipped saw blade backward and SLOWLY push through the material, was not ideal.  They were ruining siding due to cracking and splitting, especially in cold weather.  The new IRWIN Marathon Vinyl Siding blade Eliminate Chipping and cracking for a smooth cut every time."

The IRWIN MARATHON vinyl siding saw blade is available at Lowe's and other retail hardware stores at the suggested retail price of $8.99.

IRWIN Industrial Tools includes a broad line of hand tools and power tool accessories including IRWIN® VISE-GRIP® locking tools, MARATHON® saw blades, QUICK-GRIP® clamping tools, SPEEDBOR® flat bits, STRAIT-LINE® marking tools, UNIBIT® step drill bits and HANSON® taps and dies.  IRWIN Industrial Tools is a Newell Rubbermaid company.