IRWIN® Announces Updated Sets Line Designed With Patented Bit Bar

 IRWIN® Announces Updated Sets Line Designed With Patented Bit Bar

New Sets are Visibly Better™ For Easy Access and Organization


TOWSON, MD (November 2019) – IRWIN®, a leading manufacturer of innovative hand tools and power tool accessories, announces the launch of its next generation sets that are VISIBLE, STACKABLE, and ACCESSIBLE.The sets are designed to give professionals a clear view of the accessories housed inside without sacrificing the toughness to withstand jobsite conditions.

 Through end-user research, contractors noted three key pain points addressed in new IRWIN sets: visibility, easy removable of accessories, and organization. With multiple cases on the worksite, the clear lid allows users to see the contents of the set at a glance, rather than marking the outside of the case or opening each to check which accessories are stored inside. The clear lids are made from resisting materials, increasing strength to stand up to jobsite demands.

 The new patented bit bar allows for easy removal of accessories. While bits can often be wedged in the case, the new bar is specifically designed for quick release so bits don’t get stuck. To maximize space and promote organization, new IRWIN sets have a stackable configuration. The bulk storage case, a mini case for organizing loose bits, fits within the small and medium cases. The small and medium-sized cases then stack on top of one another to help end-users stay organized and optimize space in work trucks. 

 The case platform allows for multiple customizable storage arrangements with space for up to 150 pieces:

                      · Bulk Storage: Holds 1 in. and 2 in. fastening bits

                      · Small Case: Holds fastening bits and metal drilling bits

                      ·Medium Case: Holds fastening bits, metal drilling, wood drilling and masonry bits

 “The new IRWIN sets were designed with the end-user top of mind,” said Celia Flores, Senior Product Manager. “IRWIN has updated its sets line to address the issues of visibility, easy access and organization, allowing professionals to efficiently store and find the accessories they need so they can focus efforts on getting the job done.”

 About IRWIN®

IRWIN® manufactures and distributes a broad line of hand tools and power tool accessories under the IRWIN® brand including VISE-GRIP® pliers and wrenches, MARATHON® saw blades, QUICK-GRIP® clamping tools, SPEEDBOR® wood drilling bits, STRAIT-LINE® marking tools, UNIBIT® step drill bits, MARPLES® fine woodworking tools, and HANSON® taps and dies. IRWIN Tools is a part of Stanley Black & Decker. For more information, call 1-800-GO-IRWIN or visit