New Extensive Line of IRWIN Levels and Squares Delivers Accuracy, Durability and Improved Readability

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (March 30, 2012) – IRWIN® Tools, a global manufacturer and distributor of a broad line of professional-grade hand tools and power tool accessories, recently introduced a powerful new lineup of levels and squares featuring the new 2500 and 2550 Series Box Beam Levels which are tough enough to withstand the most rugged jobsite conditions. The new levels are loaded with convenient innovations and features like Plumb Site® for dual-sided viewing in the plumb position and removable end caps to allow for scribing into and through corners for improved accuracy and efficiency.

Made with thick-walled high-grade aluminum frames, the new 2500 and 2550 Series levels have a continuous edge to protect the solid block acrylic vials, and the removable over-molded rubber end caps provide shock-absorption, ensuring the levels’ durability and accuracy over time.  The vials are guaranteed to be accurate within .0005 in./in. or 0.029° for the life of the product.


The 2550 Series feature rare earth magnets, which are five times stronger than strip magnets for hands-free steel construction work. The 2500 and 2550 Series levels range in price from $49.99 - $209.99 and are available in the following sizes: 16”, 24”, 32”, 48”, 72”, 96” and door jamb kits (78” and 32” sets).

To establish the toughness of its new 2500 Series, IRWIN recently demonstrated that the new levels can withstand the 3,360 pound front axle weight of a full-size pickup truck. In internal testing, IRWIN levels supported the weight of the vehicle, proving the strength of the thick-walled high-grade aluminum frames and continuous edge are tough enough to withstand tremendous stress. Watch the durability demonstration here.

“IRWIN’s heavy-duty box beam levels deliver both the toughness and accuracy professional users’ demand,” said Bill Craig, Director of Marketing for IRWIN Tools. “We are excited to offer innovative features in our new levels that make the job easier without compromising the accuracy tradesmen need on the jobsite.”

New Powerful Lineup of IRWIN Levels Addresses a Broad Range of Users’ Needs

In addition to the new 2500 and 2550 Series Box Beam Levels, IRWIN is introducing the 2000 and 2050 Series Box Beam Levels, which have a slimmer yet amazingly strong box beam profile that also uses Plumb Site® technology and an ingenious retractable end cap design for leveling into corners for accuracy and time-saving benefits.

Leading IRWIN’s I-beam offerings, the IRWIN 1500 and 1550 Series I-beam Levels are constructed of durable aluminum and feature IRWIN’s dual chamber design. These levels also have the Plumb Site® feature plus MagnaVials™, which are 20 percent larger than traditional I-beam levels for easy, accurate readings. IRWIN’s 250 Magnetic Torpedo Level leads the torpedo offering and features an integrated slope button for quick and easy drainage leveling. With a heavy-duty cast aluminum body, this new torpedo level can stand up to even the harshest of jobsite conditions, and the Plumb Site® window allows for dual-sided viewing, making plumb readings easier and more accurate in tight spots.

“We dedicated our development efforts to understanding exactly what professionals expect and need from these tools, and we are thrilled to bring such a comprehensive offering to the market,” adds Craig. “Whatever the leveling task, the new line of IRWIN levels has the right tool for the job.”

IRWIN’s new specialty level offering provides the best possible solutions for unique leveling needs.  The 2500E Series Electronic Level has all the same innovative features and benefits of the 2500 Series, with the added benefit of an electronic module that has a back-lit LCD wide-screen display, which makes working with angles and slopes easy and accurate.  The 2000L and 2050L Series Lighted Levels have vials that can be lit with LED lights with the simple push of a button, providing better readability in low-light conditions such as closets, basements, or when working in and out of the shadows created by bright sunlight. 

IRWIN’s 1500W Mason’s Level is made of laminated American hardwood and a heavy-duty reinforced aluminum frame for extreme durability and warp-resistance.  For extended range leveling beyond eight feet, IRWIN’s Extendable Levels are constructed of three heavy-duty aluminum I-beam rails that extend up to almost three times the collapsed length, locking securely in infinite settings to meet any extended leveling needs.

Rounding out the new comprehensive level offering, IRWIN has introduced a range of utility levels including the Line and Pocket Levels, dual-directional Cross Check and multi-directional Bullseye Levels, and IRWIN’s new Post Level, which has a magnetic strip and rubber strap for convenient and hands-free installation of posts, railings and pipes.

In addition to the powerful line-up of levels, IRWIN also introduced a comprehensive squares line, which includes a variety of versatile tools with easy-to-read measurement scales and durable engineering to meet the demands of the jobsite. IRWIN’s rafter and framing squares categories feature Hi-Contrast Rafter and Framing Squares for easy, accurate readings and enhanced readability when cutting rafters and marking a multitude of angles. The Combination Squares with durable cast zinc bodies and precision etched scales provide accurate 90° and 45° readings, and the T-Bevel is ideal as a depth gauge and for transferring angles. Rounding out the squares range, IRWIN offers Carpenter and Tri Squares as well as T-Squares to meet any jobsite needs.

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Plumb Site® is a trademark of Kapro Industries, LTD.


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