IRWIN Tools Reshapes the Utility Knife Category to Ensure Professional Tradesmen Have the Best Knives to 'Handle' the Job

Huntersville, N.C., [April 11, 2011] — IRWIN® Tools, a world-class manufacturer and marketer of a broad line of professional hand tools and power tool accessories, introduces a complete line of ergonomic and durable utility knives and specialty knives to maximize tradesmen’s productivity in extreme and ever-changing work environments. Each of IRWIN Tools’ new knives — the ProTouch™ Retractable Utility Knife, Drywall Fixed Utility Knife, General Contactor Knife, Linoleum Knife and Carpet Knife — features tailored innovations and advantages for specific tradesmen’s needs.

“Visiting jobsites and talking with tradesmen has led us to reshape the entire line of IRWIN knives,” emphasized Bill Craig, Director of Marketing for IRWIN Tools. “Drywall installers, roofers, general contractors and flooring specialists demand that their knives fit their hands comfortably and stand up to various harsh conditions on the jobsite. These new knives deliver tangible advantages for customized applications, as well as unprecedented durability and precision.”

Roofers hate to be slowed by cumbersome knives and blades on rooftops. IRWIN’s new ProTouch Retractable Utility Knife (item #1774106) speeds up the job with its quick-change blade mechanism; roofers now can instantly remove a dull blade and replace it with a new one. Further increasing convenience for the roofer is the hinged blade storage for up to 10 blades. The ProTouch Retractable Utility Knife’s new rubberized trigger grip and custom-angled shape make it easier to cut a variety of roofing materials that have been affected by extreme weather conditions.

The new IRWIN Drywall Fixed Utility Knife (item #1774103) has an optimized slim nose that allows fast-working drywall installers greater control, while the trigger grip offers cutting-on-the-pull efficiency and ergonomics. Increased accuracy and productivity—combined with less fatigue — are the results. In addition, the fixed blade affords precise scoring, and the all-steel casing features a half-turn thumbscrew for easy, tool-free access to the knife’s five-blade storage chamber.

For all-purpose jobsite toughness and reliability, the General Contactor Utility Knife (item #1774105) is a versatile workhorse. Contractors will value the embedded push-and-slide opening mechanism for access to the five-blade storage chamber, an innovation that operates only when the contractor retracts the blade.

ProTouch Retractable Utility Knife

Drywall Fixed Utility Knife

General Contactor Knife

Carpet installers will appreciate the ergonomics of IRWIN’s new Carpet Knife (item #1774107), highlighted by a steeper-angled handle, keeping hands above the carpet for a fast and accurate cutting stroke. A three-quarter-turn thumbscrew affords tool-free access to the knife’s five-blade storage compartment so that installers can quickly and easily change blades.

Linoleum installers will value the durability and ease of the new IRWIN Linoleum Knife (item #1774108). Its hardwood handle stands up against accidental drops and extreme jobsite conditions, and the knife’s curved hook blade ensures efficient cutting on the pull.

Carpet Knife

Linoleum Knife

The suggested U.S. retail price for the ProTouch Retractable Utility Knife is $9.99. The Drywall Fixed Utility Knife’s suggested U.S. retail price is $8.99, and the General Contractor Knife is $8.99. The suggested U.S. retail price for the Carpet Knife is $9.99 and the Linoleum Knife is $3.99. IRWIN specialty knives are available at home centers, hardware stores and industrial tool distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

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