Tradesman Scott Castle
Makes a Positive Impact

Scott Castle

Profession: General Contractor

Nominated by: Himself

Location: Germanton, NC

Scott's Impact:
I am a retired firefighter and always try to help young firefighters and friends with construction projects and advice. It’s not all about how much profit you can make. I always try to encourage people that they can do some projects but also know their limits and when they should hire a professional. I hope that my experience can help encourage the younger generation to develop a strong work ethic so they can learn a skill that can be utilized in construction. Willingness to learn, working hard and some common sense go a long way to learning to be a good construction specialist. I believe giving back to your community is necessary. I still volunteer doing traffic and administrative duties for my local volunteer fire dept. (Rural Hall Fire Dept.) after retiring from Winston Salem Fire Dept.

I just completed a 5-week project for my church, Mercy Hill Church where I volunteered my services to complete an office remodeling project. We uncovered heart pine flooring that was close to 100 years old and refinished it back to its original beauty. When a project is complete and people are happy, it makes me proud that I was able to take a God-given talent and use it.

My grandfather was a carpenter in the 1940-1970’s and I would love to be able to hear his advice on how everything was done by hand and how he completed all trades, from digging footings to masonry work to framing to finishing to plumbing to electric to roofing.