Tradesman Eric Forbes
Makes a Positive Impact

Eric Forbes

Profession: Plumber

Nominated by: Elizabeth Forbes

Location: Portage, IN

Eric's Impact:
My husband Eric loves his community, loves using his hands to build things, and loves to feed people. He is the founder of a local not-for profit organization called Portage Community Garden. Since its beginning in 2011, the organization’s volunteers have constructed a beautiful community garden and have grown and donated close to 10,000 pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables. We started with just 7 raised garden beds, and 12 faithful volunteers. Under Eric’s leadership, we now have 70 raised beds, a 100’x100’ field crop and more volunteers getting involved every month. The raised beds were constructed to be used by people in the community to benefit themselves and their families. Some people do not have the resources or location to grow fresh food for themselves or their families. Eric recognized this need, and wanted to make a community garden that would have the resources and space needed for families to grow their own food. Not only can they grow food for themselves, but they can teach their kids to grow food right alongside their neighbors in a friendly and safe place. Furthermore, the field-crop site is managed 100% by volunteers. The food grown in the field is donated to local food pantries and other community service organizations that feed people in need. Imagine what a difference it is to be able to have access to fresh food when resources for food are absent or insufficient. It is amazing to me that Eric dedicates so much to make his community a better place to live, all while running his own plumbing business. Eric has never bought a new truck, he has always bought used vehicles. I think he deserves a new truck and would love to see him driving one.