Join Us As We Say Thanks - Celebrate National Tradesmen Day | September 20, 2013

Professional Tradesmen

Electricians, plumbers, welders, drywall installers, framers, masons, carpenters, auto mechanics, and more. We see them all around us, every single day. They are our nation’s REAL working hands. Whether grizzled veterans or young apprentices just learning the trade, these men and women work in the toughest, most unforgiving conditions - often, with no break room in sight.  

Professional tradesmen are the backbone of our great nation. And to all of these men
and women who use their hands to keep our country running strong, IRWIN Tools
would simply like to say “THANKS”.

In fact, IRWIN has created a day just for professional tradesmen - a day to celebrate all that they do to contribute so meaningfully to our lives in so many ways. And, it’s our
hope that the entire nation will celebrate with us.

So here’s to the hands that build our country and keep it going strong. They may not
be pretty, but they sure make us proud.

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• National Tradesmen Day (:15) QuickTime
• National Tradesmen Day (:15)
• National Tradesmen Day (:15) iPhone

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