2016 Nominate A Tradesman Grand Prize Winner Patrick Bucksot
Makes a Positive Impact

Partick Bucksot

Profession: Skilled Tradesman

Nominated by: Beth Bucksot

Location: New Bern, NC

Patrick's Impact:

Patrick Bucksot, my husband,is a man who continually uses his skills and tools both on and off the job in order to help others.

At work he is a skilled tradesman who not only does his job with excellence, but is always looking for a way to improve on the way things are done in order to increase safety and production, and to make a better, more cohesive working environment. He often takes his own time at home to design things for the job on Auto CAD and then implements them.

He takes time at lunch and off the job site to help co-workers who have been ill, or are having family issues. He consistently sacrifices rest and his own needs for them and others.

In addition, Patrick helps to fix things at our 86 year old neighbor's house, mows her yard and runs errands for her. He is assisting a family with a disabled member to rebuild the family home because the home they live in is unsafe and access is too limited in emergencies. He has also been helping to redo the inside of a Church that was forced to move to an old metal building. He has helped other churches and businesses when they are in need too. He also helps his aging in-laws with home repairs and mowing.

In 2003, he and his brother Jay, started an organization called Special Needs Baseball. It serves people from ages 4-65 with all types of disabilities and over 125 families from several counties. They both spend a lot of time setting up, hauling baseball equipment, tables chairs, coolers and other items needed, coaching plus helping and counseling those families too. His brother also often helps people with their needs- they both exemplify a good family tradition of community service at its best!

Very often, the people Patrick assists do not have the money for the materials that are needed for repairs. Patrick regularly takes our money (with my blessings) and forgoes his and his family's needs and wants in order to assist them. With 2 of our children in college, in addition to all this, it obviously cuts into the budget and leaves no room for a new vehicle.

Patrick is always ready to share himself, his skills and his tools in order to serve many in need. He does this all from a Mazda B2500 truck that has over 300,000 miles on it. The truck is starting to have trouble pulling the trailer that he uses to haul stuff to help people.

I am so proud of him and the way he uses his skills, tools, and time to make a difference in so many lives both on and off the job. I truly believe that Patrick is a very worthy candidate for your contest. Thank you for considering him.

Beth Bucksot