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Bar Clamp/Spreader - a variation of the C-clamp with a disconnecting sliding jaw that allows the user to reverse the clamp and use it as a spreader.

See: Clamps, One-Handed Bar Clamps

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Barrier tape - non-adhesive tape used to mark dangerous areas. The tapes have imprints such as "POLICE LINE-DO NOT CROSS" or "DANGER-DO NOT ENTER."

See: Worksite Products

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Bi-metal Utility Blades - As the name implies, bi-metal blades are produced through a patented process of combining two types of metal, each with its own attributes and benefits. The first is Spring Steel, which provides flexibility to the blade, resulting in a blade that will not break under normal work conditions. The second metal, High-Speed Steel, delivers a hardened cutting edge that stays sharp longer than traditional carbon blades.

See: Utility Knives & Blades, Bi-Metal Snap Blades

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Bit - a drill point that has a variety of uses with braces and drills. Each bit is designed for a specific application such as masonry, wood, steel, or other materials.

See: Drill Bits

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Blade diameter - the measurement of a saw blade measured on the extreme outside edge of two opposite tips. Larger diameter blades can accommodate more teeth for smoother cuts.

See: Circular Saw Blades

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Brad point bit - a drill bit used for precision drilling in wood. Designed for boring exact size holes for a clean, finished look that is required in doweling, cabinetry, and other fine woodworking.

See: Drill Bits, Woodboring Drill Bits

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BSP - short for British Standard Pipe.

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