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Sgt. Joe
Farah, Afghanistan, NC

"To whom it may concern, I just thought you guys would like to see what a great product Irwin manufactures. I took these pictures of your Irwin Vise-Grips holding my Humvee together. I was in one of the roughest and most remote areas on earth when I noticed the bolt holding my suspension together was about to fall out and the nut was missing. Finding myself 1 day out from the nearest base or paved road and about to be stranded in western afghanistan, I did not having another nut around so I used your Irwin Vise-Grips in place of the nut. Your Vise-Grips attached to the bolt held the 20 hour drive home over very rough terrain and there was absolute amazement from everyone that it held so long. In fact I was so impressed that I had another short mission the next day and kept it attached."

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