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Istvan Balogh
Home Repair
Tulsa, OK

My wife asked that I change our bathroom pedestal sink because it was damaged, the new sink we purchased was different but I installed the first sink in no time at all. Everything was going smoothly until I had to tighten one very large nut to secure the waste line to the bottom of the sink. Since the new sink was a different style I could not get my plumbing tools inside this very small and tight spot to tighten the nut. I thought I would use my long nose Vise-Grip. The Vise-Grip fit just as I thought it would but it just would not grab the brass nut. I worked on that nut for one hour wondering why my Vise-Grip kept on slipping. Well I had another long nose Vise-Grip in the basement and thought maybe this one is worn out. I looked at it and it seemed fine but I thought I'd give the second pair a chance. On my back and under the sink I went with the second pair and for some reason this Vise-Grip worked. I tightened the nut up in no time, turned the water on and no leaks. While putting my tools away I was still puzzled why one pair of my Vise-Grip pliers worked and the other did not. After comparing them I noticed something very important, the first pair of pliers I used was 'not' a true Vise-Grip, it was a Knock Off to look like a Vise-Grip tool. I showed my wife the differences, partially to redeem myself for the extra hour lost and then asked her to meet me in the kitchen so I could give her my bill the sink repairs, she said, "It's not my fault you didn't use a real Vise-Grip"!

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