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Randy R
Brantford, ON

In August 2010 and my son is building an addition on to his house, so I was helping him pick up some hardwood flooring in Waterloo, a city about 50 minutes away from Brantford, our home town. So we head out with my enclosed bike trailer a 6'x 12' nice for 2 or 3 good sized motorcycles but in this case we were about to load over 7000 lbs of dead weight wood. As we were loading it I knew we were in trouble.the fenders were getting lower and lower and almost touching the tires. So we get it loaded and head home .Well we got about 100 yards and we decided we needed to make a few adjustments so my son, Max is on his back under the trailer looking over the sagging suspension and he stops and says what the hell. After a few moments he pulls out a rusty pair of vise grips that had been clamped on the frame since I took that trailer to Daytona with 3 bikes on it in march 1997. So they had been clamped there for 3 1/2 years.. Here's the cool part, we needed to back out some badly placed screws that were tearing into my tires. That's when I realized I had forgotten my toolbox. Well you guessed it, those rusty vise grips worked pretty darn good for the time they were under that trailer and for the thousands of miles it had gone. Max used them to back of these tiny headed screws that I did not think they would grip and we used them for a few other purposes to get us on the road. We were left shaking our heads in amazement. There you have it and I can tell you any time I can buy Irwin tools I do. My son has a small tool and die company and he buys Irwin when possible. You make a great product and man do they take a beating.

Randy and Max

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